Bat Butts and Goat Guts Duo show with Paul Kaiju and Leecifer Opens Saturday

Posted October 08 2012



Opening this Saturday -  Bat Butts & Goat Guts a Phantasmagorical Psychosis Featuring amazing pieces by Paul Kaiju and Leecifer


There will be plenty of great pieces By Paul and Leecifer including an exclusive run of Leecifer's latest creation:  "The pickle baby" 

From Paul you can expect to see some fantastic Mockbats, Boss Carrions, and a few others too.






A preview of the show will be sent out on Friday, October 13th at Noon PST.  If you haven't yet signed up you can do so here

Here are some details on how the show sales will be handled:

We will be handing out tickets at Noon on Saturday the 13th. Tickets are on a first come basis.  Once you have your ticket,  make sure to  come back when the show opens at 7 pm, and we will begin the sales with the first ticket handed out and will go in number order from there. We will not be doing any pre-sales for this show.  A preview list will still be sent out on Friday just so people know what will be available and what the prices will be.  All sales will begin at the opening of the show. Any remaining pieces will be available on our website on Monday October 15th at Noon PST. 

Hope this info helps

Bat Butts and Goat Guts opens on Saturday October 13th at 7pm and will run through Saturday November 3rd.